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International Dance Shoes began working with Andrei & Nino in early 2023, shortly after the announcement that they were a brand new couple, with Nino making the big step up to Professional, which didn't faze her at all considering that Blackpool debut.


Nino has been part of our #IDSEliteTeam since 2015 and has been loyal to one shoe and one shoe only: Neeve! The unique plaited straps make this a popular shoe anyway, but we know it's also popular because of Nino's extensive fan club. Her heel of choice is the 3" Ultra Slim heel.


Andrei wears our Rumba in Black Calf which is very much the classic look, with a split-sole for exceptional flexibility. There's arch support in there to help with foot alignment, and padding underneath the heel to absorb the shocks from those big paso steps.

"We love International Dance Shoes for their quality, perfect fit and looks. On the day of the competition, you can put on a fresh pair and expect nothing but comfort and support. We feel amazing and looking forward to dancing in them for many more years!"

- Andrei Kozlovksy & Nino Dzneladze


'Neeve' is a really eye-catching design with a plaited five-strap vamp which is a really unique look. The supportive T-Bar means this design combines style with support and like all of our Latin shoes, they're made with our gel cushioned insoles for the best in comfort and they're also super flexible to help you maximiszthe point of your toe.

  • T-Bar strap for greater support

  • Ultra flexible

  • Lightweight

  • Gel padding for cushioning & comfort 

  • Made in England


Worn by: Nino Dzneladze



‘Rumba’ is our most popular split-sole Latin shoe which brings together flexibility, style and comfort. This lightweight shoe, made of a specially sourced soft leather from Italy, has a classic look and inside features specially developed arch padding which helps with foot alignment and comfort. There is also padding under the heel to cushion each step which protects your bones from those powerful Paso Doble steps.

  • Ultra flexible and lightweight with a split-sole design

  • Arch support for greater comfort and to help with foot alignment

  • Cushioning underneath the heel to absorb shock

  • Gel padding from the tip of the toe to the back of the heel for cushioning and comfort

  • Foam lining for a comfortable and glove-like fitting

  • Made in England


Worn by: Andrei Kozlovsky

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