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Dear guest, 
we are extremely pleased to tell you about the business to which we devote all of our time and dedicate all of our knowledge and skills. We are eager to introduce you to a talented team of experts who create incredibly beautiful designs. Reading further, you will learn about us, what we are producing, our advantages and why, by choosing our company, you will want to stay with us.

We are FATI workshop-studio, within the walls of which true miracles take place. We have been in the world of this fascinating art for 5 years and during this period the ballroom dresses and costumes of our brand managed to win the hearts of not only the dancers themselves, but also of the audiences in countries of Asia, Europe and the USA. The competition in this matter is considerable and, therefore, the guarantee of success depends not only on the glitter and flicker. We create a unique individuality, sophistication of style and reinforce it with the highest quality.

In tailoring our ballroom dresses and costumes, we use branded fabrics of the highest quality. We work with representatives of world’s textile houses, which for many years have proven to be one of the best. These are from England, Austria, Italy, Japan and other countries.

What is our advantage? The answer is simple – our passion in what we do! After all, we do not just sew, we create images, the beauty and success of which inspire us to create new masterpieces. It is very important to point out that all of our sketches are handmade! Every pebble, every rhinestone, invisible stitches, neat loops – this is the work of our highly trained and competent craftswomen. Moreover, in this matter, the correct approach to each guest of our studio is important. Our artists, fashion designers, and tailors capture your desires with a great attention and work collectively to realize them. We create images not only for prize-winners and finalists of international competitions, but also for young stars who perform on the dance floor for the first time. We value each of our clients and, therefore, we do our best to make it easy to connect with us to ensure the thoroughness in selection of all preferred details when creating ballroom dresses in an humble, warm and light environment.

Finally, by choosing our studio you will be able to find not just a beautiful outfit, but you will become the owner of a unique formula of style, comfort and quality. Our dress will repeat every curve of your body, which will ensure your comfort, incredible freedom of movement and confidence. Your every performance will be unforgettable, and your image – fabulously beautiful.


Horizontal AN Logo.png
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